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  • Panda DOME Advanced /1 Device (3 Years) Panda DOME Advanced /1 Device (3 Years)

Panda DOME Advanced /1 Device (3 Years)

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Panda Dome Advanced aims to take your device's security to the next level. While still coming with all the essentials, you get more advanced options and tools to take your protection one step forward compared to low-end suites such as Panda Dome Essential. VIP support for both security issues and technical difficulties allows you to operate your computer (or Android device) faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before.

Keeping the same user-friendly look and beautiful design, Panda Dome Advanced is definitely a suite worth purchasing. Both new and returning users can appreciate the easy-to-use features, navigation, and configuration found in the suite. Being one of the most lightweight solutions on the market, you'll never have to worry about performance drops, bandwidth limitation, or malware ever again.

Whether you're looking for a suite to aid you in your home computer use or guard sensitive documents related to a business, Panda Dome Advanced is the way to go. Advanced features, new capabilities, and innovative solutions await you in this wonderful, virus-free journey.

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- Easy and quick setup
Similarly to other Panda Dome products, the setup process in Panda Dome Advanced is smooth and fast. The options remain transparent, giving you opportunities to opt-out of any unrequited service and change.

- Pleasing interface
The Panda Dome product family is known for its incredible interface. Say goodbye to nearly identical white-backgrounds, hidden features, and confusing navigation. With Panda Dome Advanced, you get to enjoy pleasing scenery in the form of the application’s background while still reaching all essential and extra features within a click or two.

- VIP tech support
The VIP support system offered by Panda Dome allows you to find solutions to a large variety of issues, not only limited to the suite itself. Get advice on how to set up and configure web browser security, e-mail inbox settings, social media privacy. Troubleshoot operating system issues. Get information about issues found within different apps and software. Learn how to operate printers, cameras, and other devices. The support team is there for you every step of the way.

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Advanced Protection

- Real-time protection
Panda Dome Advanced detects malware in real-time, blocking it from entering your system. It’s effective against all kinds of malware, starting from annoyances such as adware to seriously dangerous things like ransomware.

- Malware scanning and removal
Scan for and remove all viruses and other malware that ended up on your computer from various sources. You have three scanning options — a Full Scan, Custom Scan, and Critical Scan. These solutions are incredibly efficient, barely using resources and allowing your computer to operate like normal while a scan is happening. You’ll never have to worry about malware on your computer ever again.

Enjoy the benefits of using a VPN to protect your privacy, unlock region-locked content, and eliminate tracking. You can do this by changing your virtual location to a different country, essentially fooling web-servers into thinking you’re elsewhere in the world.

- Safe browsing
Guard yourself against infected websites, phishing attempts, and malicious links with Safe Browsing. The moment you approach a dangerous website, Panda Dome Advanced blocks it from loading, allowing you to stay safe and avoid threats presented by cybercriminals.

- Parental controls
Keep your children safe on the internet. Block inappropriate content, view app activity, and set up rules in order to protect them online.

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Your Personal Firewall

- Traffic filtering
Select from the Home, Work, and Public Place options and enjoy the gradually increasing protection against network-based threats. Panda Dome Advanced blocks threats that attempt to harm you while connected to a network and allow you to stay invisible to all other network users.

- Wi-Fi protection
If you often use public Wi-Fi networks, this feature will save you from having to worry about malicious attacks. See who’s connected to unprotected networks, monitor IP addresses, and always know who’s using the same network as you.

- Process Monitor
This feature operates similarly to the Task Manager and Activity Monitor found in Windows and Mac but takes a step forward to ensure your safety. You’re able to see apps that suspiciously run in the background, which are otherwise hard to spot. This gives you another opportunity to spot and disable potential threats.

- Application Control
Concerned about the safety of an app? Identify possible threats by using Application Control. Gain critical insight into what’s installed on your device, what apps could be problematic, and what you can do to get rid of any danger.

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  1. Graham Leigh
    Brilliant service and fast delivery..AAA++ review by Graham Leigh on 5/8/2022

    Brilliant service and fast delivery..AAA++

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